To accompany alcoholic drinks

The essential amino acids in cheese help the liver to break down alcohol. Fortifies the liver function itself.

Effect on health and beauty:

・Diet: Vitamin B2 helps burn fat
・Blemishes/freckles: Has more vitamin A than green and yellow vegetables. Further effective, if taken together with vegetables or fruit rich in vitamin C
・Acne/dry skins: Vitamin B2 regulates and stabilizes the sebum. It is also important to have healthy hair and produce clean nails.
・Dental: Fortifies the teeth enamel and make the teeth strong to help prevent cavities from forming.


・Most notable of fermented dairy products. Earliest traces of cheese-making date back to roughly 7,000 years ago.
・There are more than 400 different types of cheese due to production methods and different microbial fermenters, but nutrient composition is practically the same.
・There are two types of cheese: natural cheese, where milk is hardened by adding enzymes, and processed cheese, which is made by adding heat to natural cheese.


・Abundant in protein, lipid, vitamins and calcium. Furthermore, the fermentation facilitates consumption and absorption.
・The nutrition contained in milk becomes concentrated, and mineral and vitamin get added through fermentation. Stating that cheese is a complete nutritional food is not an exaggeration. Calcium that is often lacking in Japanese can be easily absorbed.

Major area of production:



Protein, sodium, calcium, vitamins A and B2, and folic acid

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