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【Tuna & Apple Tartar】Jay’s Hacco-licious Recipes vol.42

Jay Asanuma is a formally trained chef, certified holistic health coach, and runs an organic fermented foods business in New York. As a long time researcher of fermented (hacco) foods, Jay will share his delicious hacco recipes for you to try at home.

English Muffin with Turkey Melt

【Tuna & Apple Tartar】Jay’s Hacco-licious Recipes vol.42


・300g Tuna (sashimi grade)
・1pc Grammy smith apple
・3tbsp Unsalted walnuts
・2tsp Shoyu-koji
・1tsp Lemon juice
・Coriander seed
・Micro herbs


1. Cut tune into cube and add olive oil, lemon juice, shoyu-koji, coriander seed.
2. Cut 1/2 apple about same size as tuna, and slice remain of an apple for the garnish.
3. Crush walnut roughly.
4. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
5. Sprinkle paprika to finish.

Jay’s note

Grand Central Station

Nowadays, fresh tuna is available in some good market in NYC area. I’ve found very fresh tuna loin at “Grand central station market” in Grand Central Station.

Grand central station market

This fish market has always fresh ingredients, scallop, prawn, Chilean sea bass, Salmon…


So I decided to make tuna tartare, the most popular tuna dish in New York. Each chef has special tuna recipe I guess. David bouley the star chef chef in NYC, his special way to prepare tartare was “Tuna tartar with champagne jello with caviar”. That was fruity and awesome tuna tartar dish, I’ve ever had.

Jay Asanuma

Jay Asanuma

Chef, certified holistic health coach, and researcher of health foods. He was selected as a chef for Honmura-an New York branch in 1987, the restaurant a three star recognition from the New York Times. Years later, in order to broaden culinary repertoire, he relocated to Paris also traveled over the world. He has made a cup of miso soup for the Dalai lama in foundation dinner in New York. His focus now lies in unique Japanese fermented foods which will be next "superfood". And as health coach, his knowledge covers a variety of health theories, such as macrobiotics, raw food, Ayurveda, fasting, and juicing etc.   blog:NY Holistic Style