SAKE (rice wine)


SAKE (rice wine)

Supple skin with sake bath

Taking a bath with sake or with sake-koji will warm you from the core. The bath with sake-malted rice also has a superior moisturizing effect.

Effect on health and beauty:

・Massage effect: Blood circulation improves with alcohol intake. Sake especially has many elements that dilate the blood vessels.
・Elements from rice koji makes skin and hair beautiful: Sake has elements that suppress generation of melanin pigment that causes blemishes and moles, cuts the absorption of UV light into the skin and increases the metabolism of skin and hair. Also, it has abundance of amino acid that provides moisturizing effect.


・A sake mash made from malted-rice, yeast and steamed rice is through an alcoholic fermentation to create moromi (fermenting mash). Moromi is then squeezed to make sake.
・By fermenting rice, more than 100 types of amino acids, vitamins and minerals are added.


・Sake has the most alcoholic content for a brewed beverage (non-distilled alcohol) in the world. Two to four times more alcohol than beer or wine.
・Using sake for preparation of meat and fish increases the umami in the ingredient, and if used as a flavor enhancer, the food becomes more flavorful dish with a richer taste.

Major area of production:



Carbohydrates and vitamin B6

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