Arranging accompaniment to tea

Effective for beauty and well-being if it is served together with dried fruit and nuts that are abundant in vitamins and dietary fiber.

Effect on health and beauty:

・Diet: Pu-erh tea has an effect to discharge fat before it is absorbed into the body. Effective when taken during and after meals. Effective against acne since it suppresses the secretion of sebum. Ti Kuan Yin tea, which is a semi-fermented tea, also has many elements that break down fat. In the same fashion, Tung Ting tea is a semi-fermented tea that has an effect to discharge moisture, thus prevents water retention.
・Constipation: Even with Oolong tea, if it is highly fermented, it would regulate your stomach and intestines and activate metabolism.
・Increased sensitivity to cold: Having a cold constitution will have negative effect on beauty, stomach and intestines and gynecological illnesses. Black tea would be good to warm your body.


・There are three types of tea: non-fermented, semi-fermented and fermented tea.
・Representatives of non-fermented tea would be the green tea or herb tea. Semi-fermented tea leaves are produced through a process that is similar to fermentation with enzymes in the tea leaves. Representative of this type is Oolong tea. Fermented tea can be grouped into enzyme-aided or microbial fermented tea. The representative of the former is black tea and the latter the Pu-erh tea.


・Fermenting the tea leaves gives the tea a unique flavor and individuality. Oolong tea, which is a semi-fermented tea, will naturally ferment when dried or rolled
・Black tea, which is fermented with the aid of enzymes, gets its unique smell and taste of black tea during the fermentation process. Even during the finished product state, the enzymes continue to slowly mature the tea.
・Microbial fermented tea has become very rarely found. If matured for a long period, the flavor becomes mild. Vintage leaves can be bought for a high price.

Major area of production:


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