【Natto Potato salad】Jay’s Hacco-licious Recipes vol.17


Jay Asanuma is a formally trained chef, certified holistic health coach, and runs an organic fermented foods business in New York. As a long time researcher of fermented (hacco) foods, Jay will share his delicious hacco recipes for you to try at home.


2pcs Russet potato
100g Natto
2 tsp Butter (EV olive oil)
Some parsley
Pinch of ground nutmeg


1, Cook potato in the water until it get soft.
2, Drain the water and peel the skin (carefully, it’s really hot!)
3, Place potato in a bowl and smash.
4, Add natto and other ingredients.

Jay’s note

The point of this recipe is Nutmeg. I recommend to use “whole nutmeg” besides of ground one. It is easy to ground with a fine grater.

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