【Miso Kabocha Halloween Muffin】Jay’s Hacco-licious Recipes vol.34


Jay Asanuma is a formally trained chef, certified holistic health coach, and runs an organic fermented foods business in New York. As a long time researcher of fermented (hacco) foods, Jay will share his delicious hacco recipes for you to try at home.


Miso Kabocha Muffin



・200g Unbleached whole wheat flour
・2tsp Baking powder
・140g Kabocha (Butternut squash)
・70g Maple syrup
・1tbsp Cacao powder
・2tsp Red miso
・2tbsp Oil


1, Peel and dice kabocha. Then boil in the water until get tender.
2, Mix kabocha, Maple syrup, cacao powder, miso, oil well.
3, In another bowl, mix flour and baking powder.
4, Mix flour and kabocha mixture very lightly, not beat.
5, Place in the baking cups and put some pepitas.
6, Bake in the 180 degree oven for 20min.

Jay’s note


This recipe is created for vegan. Doesn’t use any dairy. The taste might tend to be little light, so I’m adding red miso, and cacao powder for extra flavor. Also In this recipe I’m using kabocha squash, but if kabocha is not available, you may use butternut squash or any other seasonal squash.

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