【Watermelon radish pickles with amazake & shio-koj】Jay’s Hacco-licious Recipes vol.22


Jay Asanuma is a formally trained chef, certified holistic health coach, and runs an organic fermented foods business in New York. As a long time researcher of fermented (hacco) foods, Jay will share his delicious hacco recipes for you to try at home.

【Watermelon radish pickles with amazake & shio-koj】Jay's Hacco-licious Recipes vol.22


2pcs Watermelon radish
1/2 cup Amazake
1/2 cup Shio-koji
1tbsp vinegar


1, Peel and cut any style you’d like. Into dice, slice.. Or use cookie cutter.
2, Mix amazake, shio-koji and vinegar well, and pour in a container.
3, This is optional, but if you cut radish into some flower shapes, it’s good idea to put some yellow thing, like chopped yellow pepper.
4, Place cut radish in a container.
5, Keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days, mix sometimes.

Jay’s note

I’m really missing cherry blossom season in Japan. That is a reason why I cut watermelon radish into cherry blossom shape. Using Japanese knife skill to make flower shape is art of Japanese cuisine. Cookie cutter may work.

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