【English Muffin with Turkey Melt】Jay’s Hacco-licious Recipes vol.37


Jay Asanuma is a formally trained chef, certified holistic health coach, and runs an organic fermented foods business in New York. As a long time researcher of fermented (hacco) foods, Jay will share his delicious hacco recipes for you to try at home.

Columbus circle, New York

English Muffin with Turkey Melt

English Muffin with Turkey Melt


・2pcs English Muffin 2pcs
・Appropriate amount Roasted turkey
・Appropriate amount Assorted Pickles (cucumber, onion, pepper, Caper)

・2tbsp Olive oil
・2tsp Soy sauce
・1tsp Lemon juice

・Appropriate amount Gruyere cheese
・Dried Fruits
・Chili sauce

In this recipe, there is no specific amount for each ingredients. Enjoy your favorite taste.


1. Cut turkey in appropriate size.
2. Marinate turkey with olive oil lemon juice and soy sauce for 10min.
3. Cut a muffin in half.
4. Put mustard and place turkey on a muffin.
5. Cut pickles if necessary, and put on a muffin.
6. Sprinkle some herb and cheese.
7. Heat up the oven and place muffins in it and warm for about 3min to melt cheese.
8. Sprinkle some dried fruit and chili sauce if you like.

Jay’s note

Columbus circle, New York

I believe that a lot of moms in the U.S. has a special recipe for “leftover turkey”. From my experience, turkey meat is leaner than chicken one. further more, after turkey was roasted in the oven, it starts loosing juice and fat..It becomes definitely DRY meat!
To avoid drying meat, here is an idea how to cook leftover turkey. The point is marinate with olive oil for a while. If turkey was marinate in the oil, it could be juicer than original meat. (Don’t do too much time). Then you can enjoy a very juicy turkey muffin sandwich next few days.

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